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 +====== Wealth and Status ======
 +Characters are assumed to begin at a rank equivalent to a Baronet/​Baronetess;​ their starting rank may be modified by advantages and disadvantages or may change through the course of play.
 +|1|Baronet / Baronetess|
 +|2|Baron / Baroness|
 +|3|Viscount / Viscountess|
 +|4|Count / Countess|
 +|5|Marquis / Marquise|
 +|6|Duke / Duchess|
 +|7|Grand Duke / Grand Duchess|
 +|8|Arch Duke / Arch Duchess|
 +|9|King / Queen|
 +|10|Emperor / Empress|
 +Income for landed nobles is equal to 250 plus (rank times 250) guilders per month.
 +Certain advantages grant a monthly income (for example Commissioned).
 +Characters receive a starting wealth equal to their monthly income multiplied by three.
 +Starting wealth for unlanded nobles is equal to 5,000 plus (rank times 5,000) guilders.
 +Characters with no monthly income begin with a number of guilders based on their ‘job’; they should make an appropriate skill roll and begin with that many guilders. For example a jenny would make a Jenny/​Panache roll and the result would indicate their starting wealth. A blacksmith would make a Craft: Blacksmithing / Wits roll to determine their starting wealth.
 +Characters with no suitable skills and no job begin with 1k1 starting guilders.
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