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Wealth and Status

Characters are assumed to begin at a rank equivalent to a Baronet/Baronetess; their starting rank may be modified by advantages and disadvantages or may change through the course of play.

1Baronet / Baronetess
2Baron / Baroness
3Viscount / Viscountess
4Count / Countess
5Marquis / Marquise
6Duke / Duchess
7Grand Duke / Grand Duchess
8Arch Duke / Arch Duchess
9King / Queen
10Emperor / Empress

Income for landed nobles is equal to 250 plus (rank times 250) guilders per month.

Certain advantages grant a monthly income (for example Commissioned).

Characters receive a starting wealth equal to their monthly income multiplied by three.

Starting wealth for unlanded nobles is equal to 5,000 plus (rank times 5,000) guilders.

Characters with no monthly income begin with a number of guilders based on their ‘job’; they should make an appropriate skill roll and begin with that many guilders. For example a jenny would make a Jenny/Panache roll and the result would indicate their starting wealth. A blacksmith would make a Craft: Blacksmithing / Wits roll to determine their starting wealth.

Characters with no suitable skills and no job begin with 1k1 starting guilders.

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