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 +====== Roll and Keep ======
 +===== Standard Rolls =====
 +Most rolls will consist of “Roll X Dice, Keep Y Dice”. Quite simply you should roll a number of dice equal to the X value and select a number (usually the highest) equal to the Y value to total up. Also of importance is that under normal circumstances any 10s rolled ‘explode’ it is rerolled and the new value is added to the original 10, if the reroll is a 10 this is repeated until a 10 is not rolled.
 +For most skill rolls you will roll a number of dice equal to the appropriate Characteristic plus the appropriate Skill and keep a number of dice equal to whichever is highest out of the Characteristic or the Skill; if that total beats the Target Number then the roll is successful.
 +==== Example ====
 +Don Juan Aldana de Torres is attempting to perform surgery on Kean MacManan. He has a Wits of 3 and a Surgery skill of 4 and the required target number is 30.
 +  * He rolls a total of (3+4=) 7 dice, getting: 10, 7, 6, 6, 5, 4, 3.
 +  * First of all the 10 ‘explodes’ and the reroll is a 6 making the dice now: 16, 7, 6, 6, 5, 4, 3.
 +  * Finally Juan picks the four highest dice (his Surgery skill is 4) giving him a total of (16+7+6+6=) 35, a comfortable success; it looks like Kean will live to fight another day.
 +===== Opposed Rolls =====
 +Opposed rolls are when two characters are acting directly against one another (as described in certain skill uses).
 +In this case both characters roll and keep the appropriate dice and whoever scores the highest total is the winner. In the case of a tie neither character is victorious and usually another attempt may be made.
 +===== Initiative Rolls =====
 +At the start of every combat round all participants make an initiative roll, this works differently to other rolls in the game.
 +Each character rolls and keeps a number of dice equal to their panache (certain abilities allow them to roll extra dice or modify dice results).
 +Unlike most rolls the ‘kept’ dice are not totalled up, instead they are arranged as ‘Action Dice’ in order from 1 to 10 to represent the ten phases of a combat round.
 +The GM will call each phase in order (beginning, logically enough, with 1) and any characters with a corresponding Action Die may take an action.
 +In situation where multiple characters are acting in the same phase the total of all their remaining action dice determines their ‘initiative value’ and thus who goes first. In the case of two or more characters going in the same phase and having the same initiative value they roll off - if the roll off is a tie then they act simultaneously.
 +==== Example ====
 +  * Reinette and l’Requin both have a Panache of 3; Cheryl has a Panache of 4.
 +  * At the start of combat they all roll initiative as follows:
 +    * Reinette: 2, 4, 7
 +    * l’Requin: 4, 8, 10
 +    * Cheryl: 3, 8, 9, 10
 +  * The GM would call the phases in turn and action would proceed something like:
 +|1|No one acts.|
 +|2|Reinette takes her first action.|
 +|3|Cheryl takes her first action.|
 +|4|Reinette and l’Requin are tied.|
 +| |Reinette’s initiative is (4+7=) 11.|
 +| |l’Requin’s initiative is (4+8+10=) 22.|
 +| |l’Requin takes his first action.|
 +| |Reinette takes her second action.|
 +|5|No one acts.|
 +|6|No one acts.|
 +|7|Reinetter takes her third and final action.|
 +|8|l’Requin and Cheryl are tied.|
 +| |l’Requin’s initiative is (8+10=) 18.|
 +| |Cheryl’s initiaive is (8+9+10=) 27.|
 +| |Cheryl takes her second action.|
 +| |l’Requin takes his second action.|
 +|9|Cheryl takes her third action.|
 +|10|l’Requin and Cheryl are tied.|
 +| |l’Requin’s initiative is (10=) 10.|
 +| |Cheryl’s initiaive is (10=) 10.|
 +| |The combatants roll off (highest goes first).|
 +| |Cheryl rolls 8. l’Requin rolls 7.|
 +| |Cheryl takes her fourth and final action.|
 +| |l’Requin takes his third and final action.|
 +At this stage everyone would roll initiative again to begin the next round.
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