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Vendel and Vestenmannarvnjar

Two hundred years ago, the islands of Vestenmannavnjar were home to fierce warrior tribes. Wielding powerful rune sorcery and deadly steel, their warriors struck terror into the hearts of Theans everywhere. All that has changed. Vendel, as it now calls itself, has broken from its past and forged a new future. Today, bankers and merchants rule the country, and swords and longboats have been replaced by guilders and trading ships. The streets are clean and modern, the people stand at the forefront of Thean achievement. From what was once a savage, wild land now stands the most powerful economic power in the world.

Not all is well in this brave new nation however. Traditional Vestenmannavnjar still adhere to the old ways, wielding fierce magic in defence of their homes. They call upon the Vendel to abandon their modern advances, while the Vendel sneer as their “backwards” cousins edge closer to extinction. The tensions between them threaten to tear the nation apart and unleash an apocalypse that will consume them all.

  • +1 starting Wits.
  • The following advantages cost 1 xp less than normal:
    • Large
    • Artefact: Vesten Rune Weapon
    • Berserker
  • The following disadvantages grant 1 xp more than normal:
    • Overconfident
    • Overzealous
    • Stubborn


Characters from Vendel/Vestenmannarvnjar should select their origin - either the civilised lands of Vendel or one of the Vestenmannarvnjar tribes and receive bonus and penalties as appropriate.


Industrious and economically minded, the Vendel are some of the most renowned craftsmen, merchants and sailors in all of Theah. There is however a great deal of tension between them and their former Vesten kinsmen.


This tribe is known for their mystical connection to the spirit world and their proficiency with the runes. Many Skajaeren hail from their Aarensfolk lands.


More High Kings come from this lineage than any other tribe. The Bodilsfolk are held in high esteem by other Vesten and even outsiders acknowledge their status.


The Enhedsfolk are known to be more friendly and welcoming to outsiders than many of the other tribes. Foreigners (even Vendel) find them much easier to deal with.


The craftsmanship of the Handelsfolk is reknowned by Vesten and Vendel alike and to support this they have become skilled traders.


This tribe was entrusted with keeping the Old Ways alive, a task they have taken eagerly. The Jordsfolk are known for both their skill at dealing with nature and the zeal with which they hunt down encroaching Vendel and outsiders.


The Larsfolk are trained as warriors from a young age and they are known throughout the Vesten lands as skilled and ferocious warriors.


All Vesten are known for their abilities upon the seas, but even amongst them the Stjernasfolk are known as the very best of sailors.


Extremely old fashioned, this tribe is known for their xenophobia and self-imposed isolation. This has to them becoming extremely self sufficient.

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