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A hero’s characteristics all begin with a value of 2, a single trait (depending on the hero’s nationality) will begin at 3.

At character creation a hero can increase their starting characteristics at an XP cost equal to the new rank multiplied by 5 (e.g. to raise a trait from 2 to 3 costs 15 points, to raise a trait from 3 to 4 costs 20 points, etc).


This represents a character’s physical strength and toughness. It is used for calculating damage, resisting damage and feats of physical prowess.


A reflection of a character’s dexterity, agility and grace. It is used for numerous physical skills whether it is attacking with weapons or dancing at a grand ball.


This measures a character’s mental aptitude, intelligence and quick witted nature. It is used for many scholarly skills as well as dodging and parrying in combat.


A representation of a character’s physical and mental fortitude and stamina. It is used to determine how many injuries an individual can sustain and for feats of endurance or willpower.


This reflects charisma, confidence and for lack of a better term - stage presence. It is used for most social skills and interactions as well as for determining how many actions a character can take in combat.

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