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The Vaticine Church

The Prophets' Cross.

The Vaticine Church, also known as The Church of the Prophets, is the largest religious organisation in all of Theah. It is based in Castille and as such is most powerful there but it's influence can be felt in all the nations of Theah - even places that have formally renounced the Church's authority still find that a great deal of their population is faithful to the Church if only because it is what the people are used to.

Recent times have been the most difficult the Church has been through. With the formation and growth of the Objectionists they have lost many of their flock. Though Montaigne has recently re-allowed them entry into it's country their power there is weak - certainly amongst the nobility. Three long years without a Hierophant has left them without direction and allowed the Inquisition to grow vastly more powerful than was ever intended.

A new Hierophant has now been elected to guide the Church and the Inquisition's activities have been curtailed by Cardinal Christina. They once more acknowledge scientific research as something to be sought, so long as it is not heretical in nature and in some nations have acknowledged they have no formal authority beyond that permitted by the state.

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