Legend of the Seventh Sea

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Invisible College

The Insignia of the Invisible College.

The Invisible College has a long history, it developed from previous more public organisations as a result of the changing Vaticine attitude towards scientific research. There are a number of public figureheads within the organisation and officially much research is published in their names regardless of who carried it out in order to limit the risk to other members and maintain secrecy.

The organisation is now in a state of flux, some members feel the need for secrecy has come to an end with the new Hierophant and the Grand High Inquisitor's generally positive outlook on science. The church has publically welcomed numerous scientists back into it's ranks and they have all reported positively back to the society. Added to this a new public scientific body has been set up in Avalon by Matthew Hopkins.

For the time being many existing members have also joined a public body but no one is sure how long the College will remain necessary.


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