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 +===== Bernoulli Island - Amozare =====
 +Amozare is a small, compact city filled with high buildings and arched passages high above city streets. Water flows not only through the canalways in the center of the city, but high above — lifted through fountains and water pipes (a Bernoulli secret that the other Princes have yet to crack). The Bernoulli archipelago is shallow, allowing for unusual tricks of architecture. Small, flat plains dot the water like scattered bread, tied together through cunning architecture and tremendous bridges. Few today can place exactly where one island ends and another begins, though the distance between land masses is sometimes as large as a half-mile. Buildings rise out of the water itself, creating the illusion of dry land where none exists.
 +Prince Bernoulli maintains a marvelous dock in Amozare, which allows his private ship to sail directly into the city’s heart through a private channel. The masts fit perfectly within the spread architecture,​ disturbing no bridges or buildings, and allowing the ship itself to dock directly against the lowest floors of the Bernoulli palace. Several Vaticine churches dot the cityscape, each built with Bernoulli funds and celebrating a patron saint of the family’s lineage.
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