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The Three Kingdom of Avalon are steeped in legend and Glamour. While enemies for centuries, the Avalon, Highland Marches and Inismore united under the rule of Queen Elaine and became a power in Theah. Long tied to the mysterious Sidhe, the islands are among the most magical in all of Theah.


The expansive Acragan peninsula once supported a pre-Numan society until Senator Castillus claimed the lands and founded what would become modern Castille. Purged of all Crescent influences by the Third Prophet, the land still lies scarred from battle with the armies of Montaigne.


The Empire of the Imperator has been reduced to the blasted and salted lands of the Seven Kingdoms of Eisen, a sad fall for a proud people. Divisions run deep in the land, between leaders and religions, with little sign that the land will be united and healed any time soon.


Once the shining nation of Theah, the rolling fields of Montaigne suffered under l'Emperor as nobles neglected the lands and stripped them for resources. Under the Revolutionary Council things started to improve, but now only with the restoration of the monarchy has the land started to bloom once more.


By far the lagest nation on the continent of Theah, Ussura remains sparsely populated purely due to the harshness of the environment. While Matushka ensures her favoured people can survive, it takes a strong will to thrive in this wintery nation.

Vendel / Vestenmannarvnjar

The nine islands of the Norvik chain remained removed from events on the continent for centuries, but with the rise of the Guild have become well-known throughout Theah. With few large cities, traditional towns and village dot the rocky seascape.


Once the cradle of western civilisation, the six five islands of the Vodacce archipelago are a twisted legacy of the great Numan empire. The swamps and plains of the mainland feed the nation, while being divided and controlled by the Merchant Princes from afar.


Midnight Archipelago

A chain of small islands several hundred miles from the mainland. A number of colonies have been set up by the nations of Theah.

Crescent Empire

Arabian Nights; banned by the Church.


Feudal China/Japan; surrounded by a wall of fire.

Novus Tellus

A great continent to the West of Theah, now accessible after hundreds of years.


A great continent to the South of Theah, now accessible after hundreds of years.

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