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Queen of the Sky.

Nationality: Sidhe
Title(s): Queen of the Sky
Membership(s): -
Religion: -

Titania, Queen of the Sky, ruler of the summer court and quite probably one of the most powerful entities in existence.

The heroes first encountered Titania when they were hunted by Sidhe in an Avalon forest and presented to her, she decided to make them her Champions and set them on a grand quest to stop Wolfgang von Drachen.

The heroes encountered her again in Montaigne upon the completion of their quest when she took the Zerstorung artefact into safekeeping and asked what her Champions wanted as reward.

  • “I want to find out what this bloody monocle does.”
    • “You shall discover the artefact's purpose soon enough.”
  • “My personal quest is to reclaim my father's sword.”
    • “Then one has no doubt that the opportunity shall present itself.”
  • “I require no reward for my services.”
    • “So be it.”
  • “It is extravagant for the meagre service I have offered but I would be more powerful in the ways of Glamour.”
    • “You are correct, it is extravagant.”

Since then though they have encountered representatives of the Sidhe court and they have not seen Titania herself.

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