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 +====== Phillipe Varonne ======
 +{{ :​info:​characters:​phillipevaronne.jpg?​direct&​200|}}
 +**Nationality:​** Montaigne\\
 +**Title(s):​** -\\
 +**Membership(s):​** Musketeers\\
 +**Religion:​** Agnostic
 +Phillipe travelled to Charouse and applied to become a musketeer. He met the heroes (including his sister Reinette) while he was still in training and was able to provide some limited information and aide.
 +Later when the heroes confronted Sir Bors in Avalon they received help from Armande Le Pancaque in the form of three skilled swordsmen - Armand, Porthau and d'​Aramitz. Phillipe, having now taken the sword name '​Gascon'​ followed them and helped deal with Sir Bors' guards.
 +He is now a fully fledged musketeer who primarily serves in Charouse.
 +===== See Also =====
 +  * [[gm:​info:​characters:​phillipe_varonne|GM Info]]
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