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 +====== Donello Falisci ======
 +{{ :​info:​characters:​donellofalisci.png?​direct&​200|}}
 +**Nationality:​** Vodacce\\
 +**Title(s):​** Merchant Prince\\
 +**Membership(s):​** -\\
 +**Religion:​** Vaticine
 +Donello is something of an anomaly for a Falisci prince: a decent gentleman who seems more interested in wine than in his family’s political machinations. Although his many times great-grandfather was Scarovese the king-maker, Donello shows no signs of inheriting the family’s lust for gaming, riddling, and political maneuvering. Instead, he seem content to serve as Vodacce’s party host, throwing celebrations of awe-inspiring extravagance and lavishing gifts upon those he favors. The other Princes keep waiting for the façade to drop - for Donello to surrender the friendly host image and reveal his true colors - but he never does. As result, his influence is staggering and his friends number in the hundreds.
 +Donello possesses a singular mind and stubborn will. He never takes half-measures and goes about every task with unbridled intensity. His magnificent wine production, the intensity with which he rules his province, and his recent decision to search for a wife all speak to his solid mind and refusal to compromise.
 +Like all Falisci, he is a hedonist - but he retains a certain amount of his Montaigne mother’s pragmatism (another anomaly). He could make a serious bid for the Vodacce
 +throne if he wished, but such matters do not concern him. The effort would only make him more enemies and divert him from his current tasks. The Empereur himself would
 +bend his knee for a bottle of Falisci wine; what better demonstration of power does one need?
 +Supposedly Donello'​s search for a wife has led to him becoming infatuated with a member of the Montaigne court. The idea of a foreign, well educated woman at a Prince'​s side is of course impossible, the other Princes and the Fate Witches would not allow such a thing to ever happen - fortunately by all accounts the woman has no interest in Donello.
 +===== See Also =====
 +  * [[gm:​info:​characters:​donello_falisci|GM Info]]
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