My name is Ben Halbert and I’m a geek.

More specifically I’m a geek of many varieties – computers, tabletop roleplaying games, traditional board games, science fiction and fantasy (and a whole lot more) – I’m a fan of them all.

Name: Ben Halbert
Location: Barry, Wales, UK
Email: ben@doushite.co.uk
MSN: ben@doushite.co.uk
YIM: pringle9984
AIM: pringle9984
ICQ: 47193732
Boardgame Geek:

Portfolio: web-dragon.co.uk

My official qualification is Computer Science with Knowledge and Information Systems; that’s basically computers with a bit more of an emphasis on analysing and using data and a lot more ‘businessy’ stuff. I’ve worked with computers in a number of different capacities but I’m particularly fond of graphic design which I spent many years doing freelance.

I have a fondness for open source software but am not adverse to using commercial tools if they’re more appropriate for the task at hand. While I am fond of Photoshop for example when it comes to vector graphics I tend to prefer Inkscape rather than Illustrator – the best tool for the job and all that.

When it comes to hobbies, I’m a huge fan of roleplaying games and am currently involved in a long running game of 7th Sea. I also love board games and you can see my collection here. As for reading, I particularly enjoy science fiction and fantasy and my favourite authors include Terry Pratchett, Terry Goodkind and Jasper Fforde.